Quizzes for 2020

Quizzes to keep you busy!

Have a look at the quizzes below - there is a bit of all sorts.  All the answers are now posted.

Also, Pulloxhill are posting more traditional general knowledge quiz rounds on their website news page - thanks to Liz Shortland for sharing.

Saturday May 9th (the last ones for now)

Another cryptic brain teaser from Jill and Clive - identify the coastal resort.


And a picture quiz from me - can you work out the brand from the image?


Saturday 2nd May

A fun quiz to identify the name of the football team to fill the gap - thanks to Theresa for this one.

Answers to football quiz

And another cryptic quiz, this time from Jill and Clive - name the animal!

Answers to animal quiz

Saturday 25th April

Two new quizzes - a brain-bending cryptic one from Nick, and a more traditional identify-the-face picture quiz from me.

You're Nicked!


Radio Times


Saturday 18th April

Gardeners' World - this is one of my own, so apologies if it is too difficult/easy for you - I'm not much of a gardener, so I can't be sure.  Identify the weed, tree or plant from the pictures.


Coke around the world - I got this off the internet.  It's a bit weird, but definitely challenging - identify the country from the bottle of coca cola.


Saturday 11th April

Angela's quiz - a real brain-stretcher:
pdf version    word version


Easter Chocolate Quiz  - We have no answers for this - it came off Twitter from a church in Worcester.  We have compiled a list of answers from everyone who returned it.
Possible answers