We are in the church time of year called Trinity. This lasts from early June to mid November with some festivals along the way. When times were normal, I was always glad when Trinity started as for most of the time, the altar and pulpit  cloths are green and I didn't have to keep checking when to change the colour. It seems so long since we had a service in church, so I am really looking forward to the 1st Sunday in September when we can start being in church properly. It won't be the same of course - sitting apart from each other, no singing, no refreshments, having to wear masks - but at least we can meet up. Weather permitting, we can talk outside afterwards.
As many of you know, I love Local History and it's amazing what one can find out. I was reading a book about Shakespeare when I came across a reference to Susan, Countess of Kent. After a bit of research, I found out that she was wife to the 5th Earl. I realised that I knew very little about the Earls during most of the Tudor period so it will be very interesting to find out about them - and the link between Shakespeare and the Countess. No doubt there will be an article in a future Flit n More.
Margaret Butt