Latest News from Flitton

December was an amazing month for Flitton church and if you came to any of our services, you will have seen good congregations and very enjoyable services. January has been back to normal as far as services are concerned. It's nice to have a quiet hour usually followed by coffee and tea , with great conversation and friendship. You are always very welcome any time. 
If anyone would like to lend a helping hand, we are giving the church a spring clean on Friday February 1st at 10a.m. We do a good hour of cleaning and then have coffee, tea and cake at 11am. There's always plenty to do and it' very sociable. 
Please be vigilant when you are passing by the church. There has been a spate of lead removals from churches in Bedfordshire, even in broad daylight. The company doing the repair work is Corinthian Stone and occasionally Simon Kinns goes onto our roof for checking the gutters etc but if you see anything suspicious, please let us know. 
As ever, we are busy at Flitton church. We would love to see you at any service or event.
 Prayer List  If you would like to be mentioned in our regular prayers at church services either for yourself or someone you know, please contact Margaret, our churchwarden.